A Body. 

Bodies are entities which define individual and collective physicality. The definition of reinnervation is the "restoration, either spontaneously or by surgical grafting, of nerve supply to a part of the body from which it has been lost."

Reinnervate is a shared space, it is a platform. Here we aim to amplify the voices of artists while making it possible for them to amplify the voices of others. Shop for homemade gifts in our shop and raise money for nonprofits facing some of today's most challenging social issues. Check out Perspectives and see what artists at UC Berkeley and across the country have been working on during the pandemic, including the most recent compilation of their thoughts and inspirations in the first issue of our zine, the body issue. To learn more about the people who have made this possible and who continue to give meaning to "shared physicality" in a digital space, visit our People page. 

We are all human beings, human bodies, with a shared anatomy. The issues that face us collectively, as a body of people, are therefore anatomical issues. Just as we have the biological capacity within ourselves  to reinnervate wounded limbs and appendages in order to feel again, we must, as a body, attempt to reinnervate: to reestablish feeling within the grasp of riotous plurality, at the site of long existing wounds, to evade numbness.  



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